Outpatient Clinics

Welcome to the Mombasa Hospital’s outpatient / Emergency department. We are privileged to be the hospital of your choice. We also realize that your emergency visit may be made under difficult circumstances. To ease your worries, the information below will provide you with what is expected from us and reflect our commitment to provide you with responsible, courteous and quality care.

DCM 4441 DCM 4419


First visit:

On arrival, you will be assisted by a clerk at the Outpatient reception desk to register. Please give accurate information as it is very important to us to be able to assist you. The information will include: your name, age, gender, postal address, telephone number and whether you will pay by cash or have an insurance policy with an insurer recognized by the Hospital, in which case you will be required to fill in necessary claim forms which will be provided to you.  You may also be required to provide the clerk with your identification. You will be issued with a number and directed to the waiting bay. As we use numerical order, the number will be issued by the nurse to call you to be attended to.

Subsequent visits:

1. You will be required to provide the information on your 1st visit. In addition, the date of your last visit will assist in prompt retrieval of your medical record. You will then be issued with a number and directed to the waiting bay.
2. If you are coming for your results please inform the reception clerk or the triage nurse.


Upon arrival, you will be seen by the triage nurse who determines the order in which patients need attention. This is to enable us to prioritize the care and carry out basic and vital tests information, e.g. BP, temperature, etc. for use by the attending doctor.

Please note:
1. Emergencies have to be attended immediately and therefore numerical order may be interrupted in such situations. Kindly bear with us at such times.
2. Incase you are unable to sit till you are attended by the doctor, a place will be offered to rest. Please inform the triage nurse.

A nurse will escort you into the room to be attended by the doctor. You may be accompanied with one family member.


Various reasons may determine your waiting period, e.g.:

1. Number of patients at a given time and the extent of their illness.
2. Type of investigations ordered.
3. Any procedure required to be done, e.g. if you are waiting for a wound dressing, a delay may occur if the room is in use.
4. Laboratory results take approximately 1 to 2 hours.
5. X-ray films may take 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of patients ahead of you in the X-ray department. Your referring doctor may request to see the film depending on the urgency and seriousness of your condition. Report of your X-ray by the Radiologist can be obtained within 24 hours unless it is an emergency.
6. Your request to see a specific doctor who may be busy attending to patients ahead of you.


Once you are in the clinic, please refrain from eating or drinking until you have consulted. A full stomach may delay some treatment and testing procedures.


If you are to be admitted, we try as much as possible to take you to the ward of your choice without delay. However delay may occur if we need confirmation from your relatives or your insurance company concerning the admission.
If you are accompanied by a relative, he/she will be directed to the admitting clerk at the inpatient reception for filling the respective forms and fulfilling the necessary formalities. More details on this are available under Admission Information .


This should take a few minutes only. After the doctor and/or the nurse informs you on your final care process, you will be guided by the attending nurse to the reception desk to pay the bill and collect the prescription for your medicine. Please feel free to ask any questions.
The pharmacy will request you to wait at the waiting bay as they dispense your medication.



1. Cardiology
2. Orthopaedic
3. Neurosurgery
4. Footcare
5. Oncology
6. Chest


1. Diabetes
2. Asthma
3. Well woman
4. Immunization for babies
5. Counseling services
6. HIV
7. Travellers’ vaccinations

More information on this is available under  Specialists clinic