Ownership and Management

• The Hospital is owned by the Mombasa Hospital Association, an association of members.The Association is a company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital. It is registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya.
• The Hospital is not for a profit and is managed on behalf of the Association by a Management Board comprising seven elected and four nominated members.
• The Board appoints a Medical Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Management on all matters pertaining to the efficient management of the clinical services of the Hospital. 

The Medical Advisory Committee appoints:

• Medical Sub Committee
• Surgical Sub Committee
• Quality Control Sub-Committee (Death audits and Mortality and morbidity reviews)
• Pharmacy and therapeutics subcommittee


The Mombasa Hospital welcomes applications and is looking for competent and motivated persons with a strong belief in its purpose , who are willing to dedicate themselves to a rewarding career.

Looking for an opportunity to join our team? Frequently visit our page to check our latest vacancies.

Our Vision & Mission

 VISION :To be the leading private health care service provider and referral center on the East African Coast


   MISSION :To provide high quality preventive and curative health care at primary, secondary and selected tertiary levels

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