1. What is the outpatient process at the Mombasa Hospital?
    Upon arrival, you are required to proceed to the registration desk where personal information is taken and financial clearance is done. You are then directed by the staff to the next stage.

2. Do I require a deposit to be admitted at the Mombasa Hospital?
    Yes. A deposit is required from all self paying patients except for genuine emergencies whose certificate should    be signed by the doctor. For emergency admission, deposit has to be paid within 24hours. A company patient is       required to bring a letter of undertaking if the company is a corporate member of  the Mombasa hospital. Patients     covered by an insurance should ensure the treating doctor completes his/her insurance forms within 24hours of       admission

3. What are the payment modes at the hospital?
    Payments can be done through cash, bankers cheque or credit cards (Visa, Master and American Express)

4. What are visiting hours at the hospital?
    The visiting hours are as per the patient information page.

5. What time is the pharmacy department operational?
    Pharmacy is functional 24hours, seven days a week.

6. Can I purchase drugs from pharmacy without a doctor's prescription?
    No. Drugs would require a doctor's prescription.

7. Can I purchase drugs prescribed by an external doctor?

8. What should I do if I experience drug reaction?
    Stop the medication and return to the pharmacy with your drugs immediately.

9. How do I get a doctor?
    If you are not feeling well, you will be seen at the outpatient by our medical officers and either be discharged, referred or admitted. The medical officers will give you a range of consultants to pick from.